Meet the Artist Ep 10: Oskar Laffont

Welcome to Episode 10 of Meet the Artist!

On this episode, I am more than elated to introduce a very talented artist. He is one of the sweetest souls I have had the pleasure of meeting. His golden heart shines through his work with a combination of esoteric, pop culture, and Magic Realism.

Stepping into his studio, you can’t help but feel a certain tranquility as you find yourself surrounded by his work; his work is truly the definition of  the term “it will make you feel something”. Every detail, character, symbol, and iconic Los Angeles location you’ll find in his work will transport you to a memory. A feeling that goes far beyond the present moment.

He is, with out a doubt, a great artist that the world should know more about.  I am so excited to acquaint you to this wonderful soul with the gift for expression through paintings.

Please allow me to introduce to you: Oskar Laffont.

“It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.”  –  Oskar’s favorite quote by Gabriel García Márquez.


Click here to view the interview on YouTube.


You can follow Oskar on social media:


Click on the image to view full size


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