Meet The Artist: Neila

Welcome to Episode 9 of Meet the Artist!

On this episode, I am thrilled to introduce you to someone who has personally inspired me artistically and spiritually. A pioneer of the hip hop underground scene; She is not only a talented lyricist, but also a strong and beautiful human being with a heart of gold that identifies her as a kind caring soul that shines her way through life.

Walking into her apartment confirmed why I felt inspired to reach out to this artist: her walls were covered in art, and every corner told a tale. From her extensive record collection to the artistic skate board decks on the walls; her own painting with awesome quotes and characters; and I have to mention her shoe box tower she build in her room (she has a great sneaker collection!). This artist is the epitome of the underground hip hop scene.

Without further ado, please allow me to introduce to you one of the  most lovable emcees I have met: NEILA.

The funny thing about the Universe is that  it will give you a lesson – and if you don’t learn it, that’s ok because it will keep coming until you do. – Neila’s favorite quote (paraphrased)

Click here to view the interview on YouTube.


You can follow Neila on social media:


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