In Her Chair

A team of two women, giving back to women. One makeover at a time.

In Her Chair is a journey where Glam By Kat and I team up to provide female entrepreneurs a relaxing makeover session. All while being captured by my lens  before, during, and after the process.

It is our way of giving back to the wondrous hard working women who juggle their personal life, as well as their business.

On this episode, we had the pleasure of having Bris, owner of Alchemique Jewelry. “Like her jewelry, Bris is one of a kind. Her pieces are custom made with meaning and intention. Every stone she uses serves a specific purpose. It’s pretty cool. She’s a true artist, a loving mom, and just an overall bad ass”, as voiced by Kat in our video.

I am a proud owner of an Alchemique piece. It’s one of my favorite! Bris is a very gorgeous artist with a beautiful soul that reflects in her outer beauty. And that is the reason why we asked her to sit…In Her Chair.

Click here to view the video of Bris makeover


To view Bris’ awesome jewelry pieces:

Visit her Esty Store

Or you can follow her on Instagram



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