Meet the Artis Ep. 7: DJ Pudge Fifty-five

Welcome to Meet the Artist episode 7! Before I begin introducing this month’s featured artist, I wanted to thank you SO much for an awesome 2017. It has been a great seven months, and I’ve very much enjoyed  introducing different artists from a many varied genres – and I am beyond excited to share with you the stories of twelve more artists in 2018!

On this episode, I feel so happy to have sat down with a beautiful soul who shares his great light with us through the wonderful world of music. His continuously contagious positive vibe is transmitted through the art of mixing music.  All genres of music.


I have witnessed him excite a room with salsa and cumbia songs; I have heard one of his mix beats of a Spanish ballad with his own twist of hip hop; I have seen a crowd dance their hearts out to the classic hip hop songs he plays at local venues. All using the organic sounds of vinyl records, I might add. When you see him play the beat, you will not only feel his heart beating


love for his crowd, but you will definitely enjoy his passion to lift the spirit of all those who enter the room. His love for music is equal to his love for the people. It is through music that he connects with the people. It is through music that he serves his community.

I am pleased to introduce to you, DJ Pudge 55..all the way live! With me, Dani Guerrero, at Meet the Artist.

Pudges’s favorite quote: “Me, we.” – Muhammad Ali

Click here to view the interview on YouTube.


You can follow Pudge Fifty Five on his social media:

Click on the image to view full size


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