Meet the Artist Ep. 5: Kelyla Nelson

Welcome to Episode 5 of Meet the Artist! On this episode, I travel to Ventura County to visit Kelyla Nelson at her dance studio, KPAC (Kelyla’s Performing Art Center).

Who is Kelyla Nelson? Well, she is a dancer, a dance instructor, and a mother of a beautiful baby boy named Zion. It’s important to mention all three roles because it was this video of her dancing her heart away (at five months pregnant!), that caught my full attention. That, and the fact that she radiates a beautiful light aura and great vibes.IMG_7710

We were greeted by Kelyla and her family with a warm welcome at her dance studio. As we were setting up, her mother told us the story of how they opened: Before KPAC, Kelyla taught the neighborhood kids how to dance out of her garage. Until one of their neighbors called the police on them, and they had to shut down. Not letting her daughter give up her dream, Kelyla’s mom helped her open her very own studio. From finding a location, to items gifted to build the studio, the road was paved for Kelyla to fullfill her dream to dance. And this allows her to teach others the beauty of this performing art.IMG_7578

It was such a great experience to capture Kelyla in her element as her son watched her from across the room.

That is why I am very excited to share this video with you, so you can see for yourself, who Kelyla Nelson is.  As a person, and an amazing artist.

Click here to view the interview on YouTube


Kelyla’s favorite quote: “Fake it until you make it”


Click on the links bellow to see more of Kelyla’s work:


What are some of the qualities you think every dance instructor should have? Comment below! We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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