Meet The Artist Ep. 3: Eddie Santos

Welcome to Episode 3 of Meet the Artist! This week I am very happy to introduce to you one of the most genuine individuals that I have the privilege to know. He perfectly fits the characteristics of a good sound engineer: An overall positive person with a helpful heart. His calm, yet always happy demeanor, is infectious when you enter his studio. When you’re there, prepare yourself to receive great advice on how to better your craft.

As you may well have noticed, I always look for artists with inspirational stories. This artist is always inspiring others by motivating them with his positive attitude. I’ve watched him work with artists in different genres, and it is obvious as he works, that he is truly passionate about music.

Without further ado, please allow me to introduce to you, Eddie Santos!

Click Here To View the Interview on YouTube

“Calm Like A Bomb” – Zach de la Rocha

(Eddie’s favorite quote)

To see more of Eddie’s work, follow him on social media

What are some of the qualities you think every engineer should have? Comment below! We’d love to know what your thoughts.

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