Meet the Artist: Shaun J Guzman

Welcome to the first episode of “Meet the Artist”! I am so excited to share with you a project that has been in the works for quite some time. I am extremely grateful to the team that helped me put this project together, and I can’t wait for you to meet all the great artists I have in line for this series.

Actors, directors, film makers, photographers, musicians, chefs, painters, and any other artists that have dedicated their lives to their craft – Meet the Artist is dedicated to you!

I wanted to start with a good friend of mine who is one of the most dedicated people I know. He is a unique person who is passionate, humble, and is not afraid to be different. What I admire the most about this man is his ability to overcome adversity, and his strive to make his dream come true.

And now, without further ado, “Meet the Artist” Episode 1 presents Shaun J. Guzman:

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Interview with Shaun J. Guzman (transcribed 5-30-2017)IMG_4439

S.- Hello, my name is Shaun J. Guzman.  I am here at the studio with Dani Guerrero.  We’re gonna do a photo shoot and interview.  This is gonna be very awesome, and I can’t wait!  Now I’m gonna do a makeup so they can do some photo shots of me.

     First part of the process is that I’m going to do a makeup.  It’s a movie called “Fade to Black” starring Dennis Christopher, probably one of my favorites.  My friend introduced me to him.  I connected because, one, the character worked in movies.  I love movies and he was inspired by all the classic monster movies.  And I love classic monster movies as well, and that inspired me to love the movie as well.  So, I’m doing this makeup.

    As you can see, I am making it white. because that’s the poster of it, for “Fade to Black.”  Similar, I think the makeup is Dracula in a way.

    Usually, I took… Now we’re doing this one… really I think that took me, I would say um, an hour.  An hour and something to do this.  Not too long though.  The other makeups that I tried on… I would say sometimes it all depends on what it is and how fast you can do it.

    Like my brother.  He’s a makeup artist, Jimmy A. Guzman, and he did what he did for me.  He did a vampire thing, not like Dracula, but something like vampire.  And it took um, well, the process of that would be what?  Two hours, I think, but for him.  That he knew about it, the steps about it.  No more than… say ninety to an hour.  Just to do it fast, and he did it.


D.- What inspires you?

S.- (after a thoughtful pause) Courage… and motivation.

D.- Who inspires you?

S.- God, family, friends, and most importantly, fans!

D.- Why acting, directing, and screenplay?

S.- Acting, because it gives me that, it gives me that FUEL.  It gives me that burning desire.  It leaves me… breathless.  I just love it so much that I just continue on doing it every single day.  Whether it be at home, at a studio, or somewhere.  I just do it because, I, it gives me a kick.  It’s like a drug.  I put it in me and I just keep going, keep on going.

    For writing, I have so much ideas, so much story ideas that I want everybody to watch.  I want everybody to see my world through my eyes when I’m writing it.  I want that.  I want people to engage.  I want people to feel what I feel.  I want people to smile what I smile.  I want people to be sad when I’m lonely.  I want people to feel those expressions through my stories.

    For directing, I just get a… I know it was my calling card, as I wasn’t really prepared for it yet.  But I think I have a sense of what directing is.  How to go about it, how to go about the approach.  And I think, in my heart, I can actually do directing.  Give the fans, give everybody a chance to see what my directing style can be.  It can be from a crazy roller coaster ride.  I can give you something and then, boom, put you back.  Or I just can surprise you at the end of the directing reel.

D.- Advice for anyone who wants to start acting, wants to start screenplaying, or wants to start directing?

S.- For anyone who wants to start off with acting.  My advice to them… Watch classic movies.  That will be your starting point.  Don’t watch nothing that it is today.  You need to start watching history.  Learn the history.  You respect the history, and understand the history of motion pictures.  Back in Hollywoodland days where Bette Davis ruled the world.  Where James Cagney was in all of Hitchcock’s movies.  Where the day where Carlton Heston used to be a part of biopics.  Watch those.  If you don’t watch those, you might not have, you might not be able to understand the essence of acting.  That’s what it started from.  As it comes, everybody admires, enjoys, and respects Hollywoodland days, because it was just pure of acting.  That’s all it was, just pure of acting, at it’s best, at it’s finest, at it’s glorious moment, of that time and frame.

    For screenwriting, for everybody who really loves stories, loves creating stories.  My advice for them… Watch movies that is suitable for your stories.  If you love science fiction movies, go watch a science fiction.  And my advice, go watch a classic before you watch anything that is today.  Always start off with classic movies, with classic stories, because that will help your growth.  Make you understand you are as a screenwriter, and who you are as an artist, through your stories.  That’s all it’s going to take, to just watch classical movies.

    For directing.  It all depends on who you are as a director.  If you’re Stanley Kubrick, watch a Stanley Kubrick film, and get inspired by that.  If you’re a Martin Scorsese, go watch a Martin Scorsese film.  If you’re a Hitchcock, like me, watch his direction.  Watch his style of his format.  And there’s a reason why people are inspired by him, mostly because he can bring you in.  He can bring you out.  He can always bring you in, then surprise you at the very stop.  And that’s what I like, that’s my style on that take.  And Quentin Tarantino.  What can I say about that dude?  He, he will surprise you literally through a scene.  Then you may be surprised.  You see a scene continue on, continue, continue.  You see, and boom, he gets you like that, and he brings you back out, brings you back in.  He draws you in, he draws you out.  There’s emotions going through the scene, and it’s, it’s very beautiful.  So, that’s my advice for the directors, for any aspiring directors, to look at classical movies before you see anything that’s today.  That’s my advice.

D.- What are your struggles as an actor?

S.- My struggles as an actor… knowing that I am an actor, and knowing that there are lots of negative aspects around that area.  The only thing that I can really say to that, just shy away from all the negative aspects.  Just keep on going because there’s going to be hard knocks.  There’s going to be bad people.  There’s going to be a huge wall that you’ll overcome.  And all of those are factors while struggling as an actor.  And there are gonna be time where they’re gonna say ‘No.”  There are gonna be times when they’re gonna say “You don’t have the right look.”  There are times where they’re gonna say “Sorry kid.  Just not for you today.”  That stuff, those aspects.  And, um, and for any aspiring actor, just do what you can, just to overcome it.  Because you’re gonna have that.  Don’t feel bad about it.  It’s gonna be an experience for you, so just move on.  Keep on going.  Whoever gives you a ”Yes,” go to that person.  Someone offers you an opportunity, just go for it.  Just wing it to see what can happen.  You’re taking a risk as you go.  You’re taking major big steps as you go, and you’ll be surprised, you’ll be really amazed to the risks you go to.  Because you’re gonna say “Damn, I made a right decision”, because you didn’t think you suffered that”.

To see more of Shaun’s work, follow him on social media:

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