Dama Tropical

dä ma

feminine noun


Dama Tropical A tropical lady – a fun, flirty woman; vibrant, and elegant; playful, and captivating.


One of the things I love most about portraits is that they can be a platform to create and allow your artistry to shine. Especially when working with the artist (in this case, the artist is the lovely Kat, once again). When you create an artistic bond with someone, it transforms your photo shoots into fun projects. Everything begins to fall into place perfectly, and the results are infinitely more satisfying.

In this project, Kat created the fun character of la Dama Tropical. Here’s her artistry explanation on the make up she used to create this fun character:IMG 5183-2

Kat: “As much as I love having short hair, I feel like my looks mostly lean towards a more edgy style. Which I love! Its who I am. However, I wanted to step out of my usual fierce mode and shoot something bright, pretty and lighten the mood. With that being my mindset while I was combating an emotional funk I was in, I began with the bright look. As I was doing my makeup, I was picking happy colors that made me feel better with each brush stroke. I arrived to the studio in full bright makeup ready to be a sunny tropical princess.

I used the Urban Decay Skin foundation. I love how it wears, alone. It has a very natural finish and a medium yet build-able coverage.

The lipstick I used was also by Urban Decay,  “Fire bird”. I love the way it photographs with its high shine and vibrant fuchsia color with a deep violet/blue undertone.

I opted out of filling in my brows since I wanted the yellow circles in the makeup to be pronounced. I used a creamy yellow paint by Cinema Secrets and set it with a neon yellow Kryolan shadow on the lid.

I used blush from my Morphe blush pallette, such as the pink around my eyes.


I usually start with the light/natural look first, then do a more dramatic look after but in this case I did it backwards. I wiped my face clean from look number one and reapplied. I really wanted a glowing look, so I used cream EVERYTHING! (minus my eyeshadow)

Cream blush by Tarte, cream highlight by Becca Cosmetics. After I wiped off the lipstick from the previous look, it left this nice stain that I kept on my lips.

It was fun to play with the looks by switching up the order of things, playing with colors and taking in the tropical rhythms bumping on the speakers. Summer Vibin’!”

“All we need really, is a change from a near frigid to a tropical attitude of mind” – Marjory Stoneman Douglas

To see more of Kat’s beautiful glam creations, please visit her website: Glam By Kat

You can also follow her on social media:

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