In the Frame: Framing Composition


gerund or present participle: framing
  • surround so as to create a sharp or attractive image.
A fun and great way to emphasize on your subject is by using a frame to direct the viewer’s attention directly to the subject. A frame can be a literal frame (doors, windows, etc.), surrounding objects, light (lack of, or bright lights), and/or colors.
This composition helps bring context to your images. For example, a person in the middle of a crowd. By blurring out the people surrounding him/her, you will enhance the moment and emotion.
It also enhances architecture, and nature.
Before choosing the frame for your subject, consider the following questions:
  • Is the frame taking away from what I want the viewer to pay attention to?
  • Is it leading the eye to your main focal point?
  • Does it add depth of field?

With just a bit a practice and attention, you can master this composition, in no time.

“You can frame a moment. But you can´t frame life.”
― Armin Houman

Be creative, think outside the box, and always follow your intuition.


Click on the image to view full size

As always, I’d love to see what you create. Please leave a comment with the link where I can follow your work.


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