Point of View: Fitness Portraits

point of view

the position from which something or someone is observed.


Last week I spoke about the 10 Basic Photo Compositions in Photography, and I promised to go in detail on each composition. I’m going out of order a bit  because as I was shooting these portraits when I realized it would be a great example of how to apply Rule #3: Point of View in portraits.

There are four points of view: Birds-eye, Eye level, Becoming the subject, and Worm’s-eye view.

Since we are shooting portraits, we want to enhance the subject’s body and face. Therefore, we want to stay away from the Worm’s-eye view – to avoid capturing the oh-so-unwanted much-maligned double chin”, and it also carries the hyphen theme] double chin. So we’ll stick to Bird’s-eye, and Eye level (I will give an example of what would be considered opposite of Becoming the subject).

Bird’s-Eye View is when you are photographing a subject from above. In this case, “above” means a three-step ladder. But, it can also be from a sky view (when possible)wm040517_004


Eye Level. The name says it all. As a beginner, I liked combining this rule with the Rule of Thirds when photographing portraits. I would make sure my subject’s eyes were in the middle box, and my focus was on the eyes.

Becoming the Subject is when you shoot the photo from the angle of the subject. The subject’s hands may be visible, but the face and/or body, won’t be. These shots allow the viewer to feel like they are experiencing the event, first hand.

(In this case the picture would be considered opposite of Becoming the Subject, since we are looking at the subjects face and shooting from the point of view of the prop used)


I had the pleasure to shoot a very wonderful human: Veronica Elle. She has a great energy, and it was so much fun to shoot this session with her.

Veronica Elle  is living inspired and making life gainz! Based in Los Angeles, CA, she is a power lifter and passionate student of life. She is obsessed with personal development and is always looking for ways to better her best and that of those around her. When she isn’t exploring how to help others live an inspired life, you can find her in the gym, training for the next power lifting meet or obstacle course race.


Follow her training and lifestyle log @_VeronicaElle on Instagram

Veronica Elle wore:


As always, I would love to see what you create. Please leave a comment with the link where I can follow your work.

 Click on the image to view full size


“…it’s time to get strong” – Veronica Elle




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