Reina En Rojo Pt 2: Crown Fit for a Queen


 /a circular ornamental headdress worn by a monarch as a symbol of authority, usually made of or decorated with precious metals and jewels.

One of my favorite things to do  is create props for my photo shoots – ESPECIALLY flower crowns! It adds a certain charm and elegance to the images, and [the] girls absolutely love wearing them.


These flower crowns were so much fun (and inexpensive!) to make, that I decided to share my little DIY (Do It Yourself) project with you.

For these particular crowns, I used:

  • 2 headbands for each crown (Purchased from my local Dollar Tree store).
  • 4 bunches of artificial roses (Purchased at the Dollar Tree).
  • Lace Roll Netting Fabric (Purchased at Amazon:

  • Floral wire (Purchased at Dollar Tree)
  • Glue gun (Purchased at Amazon:
  • Wire cutter (Purchased at Amazon:
  • Black spray paint (Purchased at Amazon:
  • Piece of card board (Big enough to paint spray your roses on).



    1. Using the wire cutter, cut the stems of the artificial roses, leaving two inches (or just enough to curl onto the headband).
    1. Grab about eight roses (I only used six, but I like to have extras, just in case). Place the roses on the cardboard, and spray paint the roses standing about a feet away from the card board so that you don’t spray too much, making sure to keep some of the red to accent the roses. Let the roses dry, and go on to the next step.
  1. Grab the remaining red roses, and curl the stems around the headband, bunching them on the top mid-section. Once you place all of the roses on the headband, grab a 10img_3845-2 inch piece of floral wire and slid through the curled portion of the stems, then grab the ends and twirl over the headband, securing the roses on to the headband.
  2. For the red laced crown – Cut six 5 inch pieces of lace (WARNING: If you are using the lace roll on the link, there will be a LOT of red glitter falling off of the lace). Pinch the bottom of the lace , leaving a tiny piece below your pinched fingers, and dab one drop of glue on the remaining piece of lace (PLEASE be CAREFUL – the glue is HOT and will burn you). Using your other hand (you’re still pinching the bottom part of the lace), carefully pinch the lace so that the glue sticks the bottom portion of the strand together. Once you’ve done this to all the the strands, place the glued part of the lace in between the roses (I used the wire and the headband to help secure the lace). Feather out the lace accordingly.
  3. For the black rose crown – After following steps 2 and 3, I used the floral wire to create a high crown design. I grabbed four 6 inch pieces of wire, twirled one end on the headband, twirled the ends together, and bent the wire (did this on 9 bunches) – but you can create your very own design however you like.


Hope you enjoyed this step by step DIY tutorial. Please feel free to comment any questions. Enjoy your flower crowns!

Click on the image to view full size

Also used in wardrobe:


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