Reina en Rojo (Queen in Red)


Of a color at the end of the spectrum next to orange and opposite violet, as of blood, fire, or rubies.
According to Color Wheel Pro, “Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love.”
I feel the Color Wheel Pro’s definition of red is also a great definition of a Queen. Which is exactly the message that I wanted to translate through the images of this series: The strength of a queen; the strength of a woman.
With the spirit of Valentine’s Day still lingering, I choose to launch this blog because I find it to be the perfect time to express love, passion, and strength. Whether you are single, or you have your partner, I personally think these are three traits that a woman (or man), shouldn’t live with out. Every day of the year.
This project was created by four strong women. One of them was the lovely Glam By Kat. We will start this 3 part series blog by explaining the make up she used to create the elegant look on the beautiful Andrea:
Kat: “Lucky for me,  my muse wanted to update and overhaul her hair color. Perfect timing right before this red queen inspired look. I used her candy heart lavender haircolor and the head pieces Dani made as makeup inspo. I took my time on her eyes as I brainstormed on how i was going to do her hair. I had a pretty chaotic weekend and completely forgot my hair kit at the salon. I didn’t have a single bobby pin..not even a comb on me!!! Thank goodness Dani had a pack of pins. I worked with what I had and honestly, its all that I needed.
Since we started with the darker flower crown, I started with a black to red ombre lip using Cinema Secrets paints for easy blending and removal since we were going to be switching between looks.
I was LIVING for the way the Diamond Crusher from Limecrime looked in her inner corner. I’ve actually been playing with Diamond Crushers while working shoots a lot lately. I like that it has a wand applicator and dries to a silky powder-like feeling. The iridescence is incredible. Leaving a glow even in the darkest of lights.
I was warmed up from the first look so I went in on the extra for the second look. I exaggerated her lips, added more blush, more contour, more glitter..the more of everything, the merrier at this point. My brushes kept packing on more as my mind said ‘yyyaaaaassssss girllll!!!’
I dusted on a little highlight powder on her collar bone img_3832-2and shoulder for a pop of glow too.Despite not having my hair kit with me, the shoot went smoothly. Thank goodness Andrea had lived in hair, previously curled, so it held its form with pins. (Thank you Dani!)
Team work makes the dream work, so happy we were able to join our creative forces to bring a beautiful vision alive”.

To see more of Kat’s beautiful glam creations, please visit her website: Glam By Kat

You can also follow her on social media:

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