Glamactic Galactic – Glitter, Shimmer, and Shine!



blend word

 Blending of two words: Glam and second portion of the word galactic.


One of my favorite things to do is blending: I love blending colors, shadows, and as you can see, I also like to blend words.

There is one blend I love the most: makeup and photo filters – no, not the filters on Facebook, and Instagram. But actual color filters used in photography. So I thought of doing a series in which my friend Kat and I could have lots of fun doing just that. And low and behold… the “Glamactic Galactic”.

In this blog, Kat explains the details of the make up she used to create the galactic look we wanted to create for this photo series.

Kat: When Dani and I were going over ideas for this shoot, all I could think about is how much fun I was going to have digging into all my glitters and bold colors. I busted out my fun bag for this one!

  • On my eyes: I used Makeup Forever Stardust in #951. I used to wear this shade aaallll the time! One of my favorite pigments. (Looks great on the lips mixed with a clear gloss too). I used a dark matte purple and black as a base. I really wanted to focus on a gleaming highlight. I piled on a Too Faced glitter dust , unfortunately discontinued, but it’s now named Glamour Dust “Pink Fire”. On top of that I layered loose blue glitter that reflected green, and silver glitter on my neck and chest. I love how through the lens, the appeared like a sky of stars.
  • On my lips: At the beginning of the shoot, I applied blue lipstick, then pressed in that light blue glitter I have on to highlight my lips. Later in the shoot I switched to  Lip Tar in shade “Technopagan” by OCC. 009I love the ultraviolet color with the pearlesque blue sheen. I wear it on a regular day, but never tried it for a shoot. I loved the way it photographed.






To see more of Kat’s beautiful glam creations, please visit her website: Glam By Kat

You can also follow her on social media:

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