Complementing Colors




the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light.

Color and tone emanates the mood and character of photography. By using the right color scheme,  you can either create a bold and strong photo, or a soft and delicate feel.

Since color is everywhere, and we cannot avoid it, many times we take it for granted – but it is very important in photography when conveying a message,and/or story. From the color of the background, to wardrobe and make up, choosing the right color scheme will help create the platform you need to set the mood of this message.

Here are two examples of different color schemes, creating two different moods, using the same model outdoors.

  • In this picture we wanted to create a soft warm feeling during the golden hour in an urban city – model is wearing a soft blue dress to contrast the colors of the bridge and the street, and the make up artist used a nude color lipstick to create a soft look.abby003
  • In this one, we wanted to create a stronger, bold look – so we went with blacks and reds. The olive green pants help maintain an earth tone in the urban environment.


If you need a bit of  assistance in this subject. A website I like to recommend:

  • Colourlover is probably one of my favorites. This website allows you to explore color schemes for weddings, home design, digital design, and crafts among others. There are millions of user-created color palettes to choose from!

For those who prefer phone apps, I recommend:

Hope this article was helpful to you! Please don’t forget to leave your comments – all thoughts are welcomed!

This color palette is a helpful combination color tool – enjoy!

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