Golden Age Portraits

The Golden Age of Mexican cinema

– a period between 1936 and 1959  in which the cinema of Mexico reached its artistic and commercial peak.

Furthermore, the quality and success of Mexican films only continued after World War II, when the genre  became the shining beacon of the motion picture industry for Latin America and Spanish-speaking audiences alike.

From the photo series: “Tributo Para la Doña” 

This series was dedicated to Mexican cinema’s undeniably iconic: Maria Felix.

I was lucky to know someone who not only loves the actress just as much as I do, but also shares a great likeness to Maria Felix.

In my last post Hard Light, I spoke about playing with shadows – this is the same technique I use to create cinema style portraits. With the exception that I only turned on one of the soft boxes – still using two soft boxes which are facing each other, so that the soft box that doesn’t have the lights on serves as a reflector (remember, we’re not putting the diffuser over the soft box to create the hard light look).

As you can see, hard light works wonderfully  with black and white portraits. I also created a sepia tone look to give the images the beloved and classic “Golden Age” feel.

Just another example of what you can do using hard light, and getting creative/experimenting with shadows.

Click on the image to view full size


Model: Abi Olivares

Hair Stylist: IG – @babycakesss666 


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