Meet the Artist Ep 10: Oskar Laffont

Welcome to Episode 10 of Meet the Artist!

On this episode, I am more than elated to introduce a very talented artist. He is one of the sweetest souls I have had the pleasure of meeting. His golden heart shines through his work with a combination of esoteric, pop culture, and Magic Realism.

Stepping into his studio, you can’t help but feel a certain tranquility as you find yourself surrounded by his work; his work is truly the definition of  the term “it will make you feel something”. Every detail, character, symbol, and iconic Los Angeles location you’ll find in his work will transport you to a memory. A feeling that goes far beyond the present moment.

He is, with out a doubt, a great artist that the world should know more about.  I am so excited to acquaint you to this wonderful soul with the gift for expression through paintings.

Please allow me to introduce to you: Oskar Laffont.

“It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.”  –  Oskar’s favorite quote by Gabriel García Márquez.


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Meet The Artist: Neila

Welcome to Episode 9 of Meet the Artist!

On this episode, I am thrilled to introduce you to someone who has personally inspired me artistically and spiritually. A pioneer of the hip hop underground scene; She is not only a talented lyricist, but also a strong and beautiful human being with a heart of gold that identifies her as a kind caring soul that shines her way through life.

Walking into her apartment confirmed why I felt inspired to reach out to this artist: her walls were covered in art, and every corner told a tale. From her extensive record collection to the artistic skate board decks on the walls; her own painting with awesome quotes and characters; and I have to mention her shoe box tower she build in her room (she has a great sneaker collection!). This artist is the epitome of the underground hip hop scene.

Without further ado, please allow me to introduce to you one of the  most lovable emcees I have met: NEILA.

The funny thing about the Universe is that  it will give you a lesson – and if you don’t learn it, that’s ok because it will keep coming until you do. – Neila’s favorite quote (paraphrased)

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In Her Chair

A team of two women, giving back to women. One makeover at a time.

In Her Chair is a journey where Glam By Kat and I team up to provide female entrepreneurs a relaxing makeover session. All while being captured by my lens  before, during, and after the process.

It is our way of giving back to the wondrous hard working women who juggle their personal life, as well as their business.

On this episode, we had the pleasure of having Bris, owner of Alchemique Jewelry. “Like her jewelry, Bris is one of a kind. Her pieces are custom made with meaning and intention. Every stone she uses serves a specific purpose. It’s pretty cool. She’s a true artist, a loving mom, and just an overall bad ass”, as voiced by Kat in our video.

I am a proud owner of an Alchemique piece. It’s one of my favorite! Bris is a very gorgeous artist with a beautiful soul that reflects in her outer beauty. And that is the reason why we asked her to sit…In Her Chair.

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To view Bris’ awesome jewelry pieces:

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Pictures of You: Importance of Self Portraits

a portrait of an artist produced or created by that artist.


“Roll your shoulders back. Lift your chin just a tad bit. Tilt your head a little. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Release. Smile.”…is what I usually tell my clients when taking a portrait of them. I had to remember all of that when I stepped into the world of self portraits yesterday.

As many photographers tend to, I dreaded being in front of the camera. My comfort zone is looking through a lens. But I learned the importance of a self-portrait recently: Self-portraits engage with your potential clients, and it displays your character and style to your viewers. We all know how important expressing character is.sp004

Self-portraits also display a photographer’s confidence, which leads to trust. Therefore, if you’re confident enough in your own work, you’ll be confident enough to take a portrait of yourself. And, believe me, your clients will sense that.

As portrait photographers, self-portraits also help in developing our directional skills.

Peter Hurley  said it best, “That’s what a photographer’s job is; You have to be the mirror.”

When I sat on the chair with the lights facing me, I heard my own voice directing my clients. My first thought was, “This is what they must feel like”. So I now have a better understanding of what and how my client is feeling. This includes the very common urge to view the image immediately after the photo is captured. I paid attention to my every “flaw”.sp008 I learned that my “good side” was not as good on a DSLR camera as it is on my phone when I take selfies (self-portrait is NOT a selfie – but this is a topic for a future blog).

So, if you haven’t explored self-portraits yet, my advice to you today is to please do so. Play with different lights and light temperatures. Pose differently. Be creative!


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Meet The Artist Behind Meet The Artist

Against every nervous feeling, and the looming intimidation of being on the opposite side of the camera, I decided to start the year by facing my fear… I will now sit in the hot seat.

On this episode, I introduce to you, the artist behind “Meet the Artist”: Yours truly. Myself, Dani Guerrero.

It was not easy for me to be interviewed. But I thought, if I truly want to understand both sides of the lens, I have to be in front of it, as well as behind.

And besides, I think it would be a good idea for you to put a face to that soothing voice. Don’t you think?

I wanted you to hear directly from me why I created “Meet the Artist”, what “Meet the Artist” means to me, and how grateful I am that you are watching.

Hello, my name is Dani Guerrero. I am pleased to meet you…

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Thank you.

As the New Year approaches, it is a custom to reflect on what the events that have occurred during the still current year – I have nothing but gratitude.

THANK YOU. Thank you for reading my blogs each week. Thank you for your comments. Thank you for your questions. Thank you for your attention.

It means the world to me – and I say this with a HUGE smile on my face and a VERY grateful heart – that you take time out of your lives to read what my thoughts are, take a look at my photographs, and watch my videos. Your time is one of the most valuable things you have, and the fact that you are here reading this, makes me so utterly grateful to all of you.

I promise that 2018 will be a much better year. One of my main goals it to provide you better content, even better photographs, and better YouTube videos. Your attention deserves it.

Thanks again for being a part of my photography journey.

Until next blog.

With love,



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It’s Time to Audit

– conduct a systematic review of.
If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, then you know my love for audits. Especially when it comes to my work, and my business.
At the end of the year, I do three different audits to help keep a clean and fresh photography business. I audit my equipment, my goals/tasks, and my personal project photographs.


I’ll try to keep the examples quick and simple.


(This includes camera equipment, backdrops, and props)

Questions I ask myself:

  1. Have I used this equipment within the past 6 months?
  2. Will I uses it (honestly), within the next 6 months?

If I answered no to both questions, I usually sell that piece of equipment on Offer Up, or Craigslist – and I use the proceeds to buy new equipment.

Goals/ Tasks

Questions I ask myself:

  1. What goals/tasks have I not completed?
  2. Why haven’t I completed them?
  3. Realistically, will I complete them?
  4. Are my goals/task lists helping get to where I want my business to be?

If I answer “no” to questions 3 and 4, I erase that task/goal and I set a new one that I know I will complete. One that will help me get to where I want my business to be. Otherwise, I keep it on the list and push myself harder to complete that goal/task.

Personal Project Photographs

Questions I ask myself:

  1. Why did I photograph this image?
  2. Have I used it on social media, my blog, or to print?
  3. Will I ever use it on social media, my blog, or print?


If I answered “no” to questions 2 and 3, I delete that photograph. Keep in mind these are images I took for my personal projects – not for my personal memory vault. Yes, I know. It hurts to press that delete button. How bad does it hurt? Enough that it will prompt you to use and/or share that photograph? Then keep it. But make sure you share it!

I hope this list was helpful to you! As always, I would LOVE to see your work. Please comment below with the name of your website, or your social media handles.

Below are 10 of my photographs that I could not hit the delete button on, and I had to share.


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Meet the Artis Ep. 7: DJ Pudge Fifty-five

Welcome to Meet the Artist episode 7! Before I begin introducing this month’s featured artist, I wanted to thank you SO much for an awesome 2017. It has been a great seven months, and I’ve very much enjoyed  introducing different artists from a many varied genres – and I am beyond excited to share with you the stories of twelve more artists in 2018!

On this episode, I feel so happy to have sat down with a beautiful soul who shares his great light with us through the wonderful world of music. His continuously contagious positive vibe is transmitted through the art of mixing music.  All genres of music.


I have witnessed him excite a room with salsa and cumbia songs; I have heard one of his mix beats of a Spanish ballad with his own twist of hip hop; I have seen a crowd dance their hearts out to the classic hip hop songs he plays at local venues. All using the organic sounds of vinyl records, I might add. When you see him play the beat, you will not only feel his heart beating


love for his crowd, but you will definitely enjoy his passion to lift the spirit of all those who enter the room. His love for music is equal to his love for the people. It is through music that he connects with the people. It is through music that he serves his community.

I am pleased to introduce to you, DJ Pudge 55..all the way live! With me, Dani Guerrero, at Meet the Artist.

Pudges’s favorite quote: “Me, we.” – Muhammad Ali

Click here to view the interview on YouTube.


You can follow Pudge Fifty Five on his social media:

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It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

We’ve all seen it. We’ve all heard it. And, inevitably, it’s here – the holiday rush. It was making it’s way out and creeping through our beloved Halloween decoration isles at the stores. The Christmas carols sneaked their way into the speakers before Thanksgiving. Then, as soon as you were done with your Black Friday shopping, the wreaths and trees appeared.

This leads me to you. Are you ready for the holiday portraits?  Have you emailed your clients from last year? Do your new followers know that you offer family portrait sessions during the holidays?

I know, I know – We are all super busy trying to get our holiday shopping done before the rush. That includes your clients. So it might be a good idea to start emailing them now, at the end of November. Send your clients a quick email or text. Let all your email contacts know you’re offering holiday portraits. And don’t forget to post it on your personal and business social media. It is always a good idea to get a head start on things, and to try to avoid the last minute rush.